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Unilever Planning On Certifying All Its Palm Oil

It might be a lofty aim but Unilever has very serious intentions of implementing it. By 2015 Unilever plans on all its palm oil sources certified. (…)

Exploring The Underwater World In Thailand

Diving in Thailand is a hugely popular leisure activity, attracting a wide range of people. (…)

Save Trees – Use Paper: The Facts

Thrown away or ripped up a piece of paper lately? Printed or photocopied one too many copies? (…)

Outdoor Fun In Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, is known for a lot of things. It’s the Live Music Capital of the World, the home of the UT Longhorns, and the capitol seat of the Lone Star State. (…)

How To Live The Green Life

As global warming continues to be a major concern for the future of our planet, people are starting to turn to green living practices to help save it for future generations. (…)

The Hidden/Green City

Canopy. That’s a great word and a comforting thought when shade is what you need on a hot day. (…)

Cool Parks in Austin

There is no shortage of beautiful scenery and greenbelts in the Austin area, where there seems to be a walking trail around every corner, and a park around every bend. (…)