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Guilt-Free Assisted Living in Henderson, Nevada

The idea of nursing homes, retirement homes, convalescent homes, etc., has always left a bad taste in people’s mouths. (…)

Retiring to Prescott, Arizona While Avoiding the Nursing Home

Arizona is a desert. It’s hot and it’s dry. That kind of climate, in conjunction with its beautiful landscapes, makes it a perfect place to live out the retirement years in peace. (…)

Should You Send Your Elders To A Senior Citizen Home?

Asking your elders to move to a senior citizen home can be a very complicated situation. Most elders dislike the idea as they prefer to stay at their old home. (…)

Assisted Living: Conditions to Meet

As much as I hate to admit it, life gets a little harder the longer you live. (…)

Avoid Nursing Homes by Planning Ahead

Most people see long term care insurance as nursing home insurance when if fact it is the opposite. (…)