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Finding My Family Roots

Have you thought of tracing your family roots but not sure where to start.

Looking Into Genealogy Records

Tracing a family tree may at first, seem like a simple idea, however; most people discover it is not as easy as they first thought. Many begin their pursuit by talking with relatives. (…)

The Importance Of Mormon Genealogy To Latter Day Saints

Most people seem to realize that genealogy occupies a special place in the Latter Day Saint faith, but do they know why Mormon genealogy is such a popular avocation among the Latter Day Saints? (…)

Can Wisconsin Genealogy Trace Origins Of Cheese To Germany?

While there are a few in the state’s leadership that are trying to shed the cheese head popularity, others involved in Wisconsin genealogy continue to fight to keep the designation, claiming it is traced to their roots of German ancestry. (…)

Some Tips On How To Do Genealogy Research

There were times when doing genealogy research was filled with tedium and information was hard to come by though now that the Internet has made the world smaller and a lot closer, doing genealogy research need not any longer mean doing all that much hard work that it once meant. (…)

Tracing Your Italian Genealogy

There is a strong positive presence of Italians throughout the United States of Americas history. (…)

Changing Historical Boundaries Challenges Polish Genealogy

The history of many European countries, with changing boundaries and names, often make locating accurate genealogical searches difficult if not nearly impossible. (…)